High-Tech Visa

Israel B1 High Tech Visa

In 2019, Israel enacted an experimental procedure to allow Israeli high tech companies to obtain work permits and visas for foreign high tech experts in an accelerated and relatively easy manner.

This procedure is limited to experts, who are citizens of states holding a visa exemption agreement with Israel (which is the case for all EU and EFTA states). To examine whether a certain state has a visa exemption agreement with Israel, please consult the following website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: https://mfa.gov.il/MFA/ConsularServices/Documents/VisaRequirements-Tourists.pdf

An additional precondition is that the company employing the foreign expert is recognized as a High Tech Company in Israel. This is in particular possible for companies listed in the following fields:

  • Production of conventional and homeopathic medication.
  • Production of computers as well as electronic and optical devices.
  • Computer programs, counselling in the computer field as well as accompanying services.
  • Scientific research and development.
  • Production of aircraft, space-craft and accompanying devices.
  • Data processing and/or storage and accompanying services.

Additional companies may apply for the high tech status, if they hold an Israeli company, which spends more than 7% of its annual sales turnover on research and development, or if more than 15% of its employees in Israel are in the field of research and development. 

Foreign specialists of recognized high tech companies not only receive their working visa in a quick manner and will have to furnish less documentation for the procedure; their spouses will also be able to receive a working visa in Israel enabling them to work for any employer without the requirement of a minimum salary, as is requested for other foreign experts. 

For further details, see the English version of the Experimental procedure for Handling Applications of High Tech and Cyber companies to Employ and Regulate the status of Foreign Experts in Israel: