Ron Ozery

Born Jerusalem, 1966 
LL.B. Faculty of Laws, Tel Aviv University 
Graduate of the Bezeq College of Technology and Communication, Jerusalem 
Attorney at Law, Israel (1999) 

Professional Experience

Since 2004: Partner at the Dr. Katy Elmaliah lawfirm and head of the litigation and debt enforcement department.

From 2002: Independent Attorney specializing in real estate transactions, commercial litigation and debt enforcement matters.

1999: After passing the Israeli bar-examinations, employed as an associate at one of Tel Aviv’s renown law firms specializing in the above fields. 

Israeli lawyer

Adv. Ozery specializes in cross-border litigation and the debt enforcement. He has gained extensive experience in particular in litigation matters with technical aspects. He serves regularly as an arbitrator or mediator in commercial disputes requesting technical knowledge.

Since 1991 and during his entire legal studies, Adv. Ozery was employed as a telecommunication engineer and specialist for special communication forms at the Israeli telecommunication company Bezeq. 


LL.B. at the Faculty of Laws, University of Tel Aviv,

Graduate of the Bezeq College of Technology and Communication, Jerusalem

Practice Areas

Litigation, debt enforcement, mediation and arbitration


Hebrew and English